Vegan Wall

Positivity moves!

With positive signs we show that veganism is a happy and liberating movement.

It is the happines and humor our statements are wrapped in that makes many people more open and receptive for our usually avoided message.

  • Vegan Wall United 2020
  • Vegan Wall United 2020
  • Warum vegan? Sprich mit mir!
  • Warum vegan? Sprich mit mir!
  • Veränderung beginnt bei DIR!
  • Pssst, frag mich nach meinem lieblings Rezept
  • Friends not food
  • Vegan Wall United 2020
  • Vegan sein ist schön - und sexy!
  • Schweine sind rosa Hunde
  • Keep calm and go vegan
  • Vegan Wall Heros
  • Ich esse nichts was pupst.
  • Erste Versuche der Vegan Wall
  • Erste Vegan Wall

Support us

Your donation gives us the necessary resources to buy equipment for our demonstrations. Your money won’t be used to pay someone’s salary since all activists are volunteers.

Your donations will be used to buy TVs, waterproof signs, flyers, foldable tables, banners, etcetera.

Hope For The Voiceless

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