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We fight for freedom!

In a world in which the most cruel side of humanity is hidden and ignored, we encourage to look at the suffering we are all responsible for. We encourage to make the decision of becoming a person who cares when others are in misery. We inspire to embrace what makes us human. Empathy!

We are the voice for those who are not heard!

"Alone we save thousands of lives. Together we change the world!"

Join uns!

You no longer want to be passive? Look up if we or other organizations are already in your city. Otherwise it's time to build a community n your area. We would love to help you!

Let's create a new world together!

Activism - Inspire and Change

You have more power and influende than you think! Everybody can make a huge difference! Fighting for those who are weaker and for a better world will enrich your life and compliment who you are.

Imagine you walk down the street and see someone abusing his dog. Will you ignore that there is someone in need or will you do what you can? Living vegan means not to participate in the exploitation of animals, it means not to be the dog abuser, but it also means to just walk past. Being an activist means to defend the dog.

Tens of billions of animals suffer. They need someone to speak for them. They need you to not ignore them! So will you help those in need?

Support us

Your donation gives us the necessary resources to buy equipment for our demonstrations. Your money won’t be used to pay someone’s salary since all activists are volunteers.

Your donations will be used to buy TVs, waterproof signs, flyers, foldable tables, banners, etcetera.

Hope For The Voiceless

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