Vegan for the animals

Animals feel like you and me

You have probably watched and observed an animal for some time before. Be it a cat, a dog or any other animal. Did you notice that it had a certain personality? Was the animal curious or shy? Was it happy or afraid? Was it alert or rather quiet?

Animals feel joy and love, as well as fear and pain. We have forgotten how to develop empathy for certain animal species. We take dogs and cats to our hearts, but cows and pigs are just food for us. We only see the meat on our plate and not the animal that had to die for it. When we think of cheese, we think of a happy cow, but not of the calf that was taken from its mother as soon as it was born. A baby that was killed just because it's male and a waste product in the dairy industry. We eat an egg and see a happy hen, but not the countless male chicks that are ground up alive or gassed on the same day they are born. Simply because they are not needed in the egg production. We just ignore the suffering, so we don't have to question ourselves at the expense of numerous animals.

We do not depend on animal products to live healthy. Quite the opposite! The consumption of animal products favors cancer, heart diseases, dementia, diabetes and many more.

Therefore, the following essential question arises: "Is my preference of taste more important than the lives of other beings who are treated much worse than slaves, who suffer and even die for me?" Even if an animal had a joyful life, would you trade places with the animal in the moment someone decides to ram a knife into its throat?

Make the connection – watch Dominion

One of the best and most up to date documentaries on the animal industry. The filmmakers used hidden cameras and drones to expose the cruel standards of the animal industry.

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