Vegan for health

Benefits of a balanced plant based diet

  • Eating animal products inflicts the overall health which strains the body and contributes in the occurrence of a long list of diseases. One of the most exciting points is that the most common lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes and various types of cancer are strongly linked to the consumption of animal products. A plant based diet, on the other hand, reduces the risk of the diseases mentioned above and many more. This will also save healthcare costs.

    Many people report that they feel more active and overall better after switching to a plant based diet, that they no longer experience such a strong onset of tiredness after meals and at the same time have to pay less attention to how much they eat.

    In addition, a balanced and plant based diet promotes the body's ability to regenerate. More and more athletes are therefore switching their diet. Even body builders report significant benefits after switching.

    People who follow a plant based diet are usually closer to the optimal reference values ​​for the intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fat. They also have higher intakes of fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, and biotin and magnesium than people on a mixed diet.

    Due to lower fat and calories and more fiber the body mass index (BMI) usually significantly drops after switching to a plant based diet. Because of this, plant based nutrition is also used in the treatment of overweight and obesity.

    Myths such as lack of protein without meat, lack of calcium due to avoiding dairy products and the deficit of B12 as a result of a plant-based diet are unjustified.

    According to the findings of numerous scientific studies, statements from renowned institutions and, last but not least, many personal reports, the vegan diet represents a health-promoting diet. With the exception of vitamin B12, which can easily be supplemented, a plant based diet does not only cover all essential nutrients, it also compliments ones general health and well being.

Watch - What the Health

A documentary that gives insight to the connection between various diseses and eating animal products.

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